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  • A US Blogger's review of one of our coffees

    From the Pure Coffee Blog at



    Mugged: Sumatra Kopi Luwak [Sea Island]

    Subject: Sea Island Coffee

    Mugged: Sumatra Kopi Musang

    While I normally strongly push for buying locally, every once in a while it's interesting to get a product from afar. Similarly, I normally review coffees within the continent but to spice up my pace, I was afforded the chance recently to review some coffee from Sea Island Coffee out of London. Sea Island focuses on rare and well-processed coffees, offering such high-priced beans as Kopi Luwak and Jamaican Blue.

    Of the two coffees I received, first up was their Sumatra Kopi Musang, a Kopi Luwak coffee that (refreshingly) lacked all the fancy stickers promising authenticity. More concerned about its overall taste and less about whether it all came from a civet, I plowed into the bag infusing the coffee via drip, siphon and french press.

    The drip brought out notes of bourbon, wheat, cranberry, Total (the cereal) and maple syrup amidst a medium body. A good brew that proved sweet and mellow.

    The french press held similar flavors, with notes of cherry, maple syrup, biscuits, a bit of bourbon, some bacon and a light/medium body. Also sweet and a little richer than the drip.

    The siphon held out cherry, wheat, biscuits, bran and a little milk within a medium body. This sampling had much more of a single dimension to it, though still tasty.

    Amongst the Kopi Luwaks I've had, this one ranks at the top (sadly I've sampled only a few and some weren't good at all). Amidst coffees, the coffee had a pleasant sweetness along with some hardy notes, but the coffee didn't have the depth of flavor that I would have liked. Still, if you're looking for an affordable and decent Kopi Luwak, give Sea Island's Sumatra Kopi Musang a swirl.

    note: coffee was provided free of charge and the above review is objective feedback.

    Read more: http://purecoffee.blogspot.com/2011/11/mugged-sumatra-kopi-luwak-sea-island.html#ixzz1f144D8zK

  • Paypal Problem - not our fault!

    Today, joy of joys, we are getting complaints that people can't pay via our website. We called Paypal, who processes all our credit card payments, and they have a system-wide problem. Please bare with us or call and we can take payments over the phone.

    UPDATE: problem fixed. Hurrah!

  • Show Report: Sea Island Coffee at the London Southbank Tea & Coffee Festival 18-20 November 2011

    What a weekend! The weather was blue skies and almost no wind throughout the whole weekend. We had been rather afraid of this weekend given Britain's somewhat unpredictable weather (no wonder we talk about it the whole time), but we were lucky indeed and it was a joy to be about in the fresh-ish air of London's Southbank chatting with fellow tea and coffee obsessives.

    This time, we teamed up with the Rare Tea Company - kindred spirits who produce incredible teas. Henrietta Lovell, founder of the Rare Tea Company (and celebrity in the tea world), even gave two enthralling seminars on rare teas that was fascinating and a real crowd puller.

    The result - a match made in tea & coffee Heaven. We will be teaming up together for future shows at the Taste of Christmas and Chelsea Gift Fair in December. We hope to see some of you there.

  • The Perfect Jamaica Blue Mountain Espresso Martini

    A recent discovery:

    JamaicaBlueMountainespresso beans makes for the most glorious Espresso Martini you will ever find. The smooth creaminess of theBlueMountainespresso (at room temperature) complements the hit of the vodka perfectly and the Kahlua adds an extra sweetness to proceedings. Well worth trying. Here is our recipe for this increasingly popular cocktail:



    3 Parts good quality vodka

    4PartsJamaicaBlueMountainespresso (Cold - or you will melt the ice and dilute the spirit)

    3 Parts Kahlúa (or Tia Maria)

    1 To Taste Simple Syrup (produce this by boiling 1 part sugar and 1 part water until sugar is fully dissolved then let it cool)


    Fill a shaker with ice cubes. Pour ingredients over rocks. Espresso first, then vodka, then Kahlua. Shake, chill and then strain into large martini glass. Voila – aJamaicaBlueMountainEspresso Martini.

    One day, you will find this at the hippest bars in town. For now, it’s our little secret. 

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Espresso Martini

  • Join us on Twitter and Facebook

    We have been on Facebook and Twitter for ages and regularly post updates, but neglected to tell you on our blog (because we are more interested in talking about coffee!), so please feel free to follow us at:



  • Come and meet us at the London Tea & Coffee Festival at the Southbank 18-20 November 2011

    It's Christmas Fair time again and this time we are the London Tea & Coffee Festival. We will be selling our award-winning coffees by the cup and by the gift set. We are teaming up with the Rare Tea Company and will also be serving their wonderful range of teas by the cup as well as by the gift set.

    Details about the show are as follows:

    Friday 18 - Sunday 20 November 2011
    11am - 8pm Daily (6pm on Sunday)

    Southbank Centre Square
    Belvedere Road
    SE1 8XX

    We hope to see some of you there! We did it last May and it's a great event and well worth visiting, plus it's free to enter.

  • Show Report: Sea Island Coffee at The Spirit of Christmas Olympia

    We are exhausted, but elated after the Spirit of Christmas gift fair at London Olympia on 2-6 November 2011. Goldsmiths College helped design our new look for the stand and we rather like it, though there is still room for improvement.

    The Spirit of Christmas Fair was our biggest show yet with over 50,000 visitors and it was a great chance for people to come and try our coffees (we gave out gallons of samples) and, in many case, buy some coffee to bring home or give as a gift. The public loved our rare coffees and we had a chance to meet customers as well. These shows are possibly the most exhausting exercises known to man, but well worth it.

    The next show we have is the London Tea & Coffee Festival at London's Southbank on 18-20 November 2011. Come and see us!

    Sea Island Coffee at Spirit of Christmas Fair 2011Sea Island Coffee at Spirit of Christmas Fair 2011Sea Island Coffee at Spirit of Christmas Fair 2011Sea Island Coffee at Spirit of Christmas Fair 2011

  • MTV reveal EMA Goodie Bags (including our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee)

    From MTV Press Release (our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is being given to presenters, nominees, and performer at tomorrow's MTV Europe Awards):

    MTV today revealed the contents of the2011 MTV EMA Goodie Bag, which includes a variety of the newest and hottest fashion necessities, cool technology, and exclusive items from some of the world’s top designers and brands. Each of the 2011 MTV EMA presenters, nominees, and performers, including this year’s host Selena Gomez, will receive this amazing array of must-have items for the stylish star-about-town.

    Featured in the 2011 MTV EMA official gift bag will be the new Swatch Touch 2011, a colourful new collection of trend-setting timekeepers with big-screen LCD dials and a touch-sensitive zone in place of pushbuttons. On the style front, Swatch Touch 2011 brings streetwise fashion to the wrist, showing inspiration from urban rhythms and electric sounds, boarders up on snow and surf, riders taking life to extremes.

    Also included in the bag will be a limited edition 30th anniversary Replay package containing a shirt and bandana from the Capsule Collection. In line with current trends, the men’s shirt is a regular fit workwear model, in a cotton produced specially for Replay by the famous US Cone Mills, while the women’s version is a fitted Western-look model. In addition Replay will have an exclusive backstage gifting boutique displaying items from their Fall / Winter collection.

    The “2011 MTV EMA” official gift bag will also include: 
    * Xbox 360 console with Kinect sensor and games
    * Limited edition signed artwork by Tyler Shields
    * Fatman MKII iTube Amplifier and Speakers
    * Rimowa suitcase
    * M.A.C make-up boxes
    * Butter London nail varnish
    * Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee from Sea Island Coffee
    * WOWee Speakers
    * Bushmills Irish Whiskey
    * South Park figurines by Kidrobot
    * Evita Peroni fashion accessories for women
    * Remington hair and personal care appliances
    * Assorted items from Gadi 21 Minerals Dead Sea Body and Skin Care line
    * Percey & Reed Haircare gift set
    * He-Shi Tanning products
    * Goody Spin Pin
    * Nando’s PERi PERi gift basket
    * My First Twook, a book by Gary Go
    * MiPow Power Tubes
    * Charlotte Sparre pure silk scarves
    * Sonos wireless multi-room music system
    * KEVIN.MURPHY haircare products
    * Moroccanoil limited edition gift bag that includes products and a bathrobe
    * £500 voucher redeemable at SereneOrder.com
    * ACS Pro Series custom-moulded earplugs
    * Ines de Castilho Paris skin and body jewelry
    * Stella and Dot boutique style jewelry
    * SpongeBob SquarePants T-shirts
    * Spongebob SquarePants Moshi Moshi peripheral phone handsets
    * Rituals Home and Body Care
    * Doctor Duve Medical Anti-Aging skin care
    * White Lounge teeth whitening voucher
    * Michal Negrin vintage-inspired jewelry
    * Babette Wasserman and Candy Barrel jewelry and cufflinks
    * Deamond mobile phone cases and accessories
    * Nialaya jewelry
    * Kangol headwear
    * Complimentary stay at 45 Park Lane, London (part of The Dorchester Collection)
    * Visoanska skincare
    * Limited Edition Artwork by Walton Ford

    In addition to the custom-designed Goodie Bag, performers, nominees, and presenters will enjoy the 2011 MTV EMA Backstage Spa courtesy of Nonoblur, Eucerine, Decelor, Butter London Nails, and Batiste.

    MTV Europe 2011 Goodie Bag Contents

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