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Baronhall Estate CoffeeHistory of Jamaican Coffee
The history of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is as rich and as bold as its flavour. Around 1723, Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu, a French Naval Officer, took three coffee plants to the island of Martinique. On the journey from France to the Caribbean island of Martinique, two of the plants died. The surviving plant was planted in Martinique and seeds from it were later given to the then Governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes,  as a gift by the Governor of Martinique around 1728, some 5 years after the plants left France.

The favourable climatic conditions and a soil naturally rich in potash, nitrogen and phosphorus, enabled a rapid establishment of the Jamaican coffee crop. Soon coffee was being cultivated from Temple Hall in St. Andrew to the Blue Mountains and thence to St. Elizabeth, Manchester and St. Ann. By 1737, coffee exportation had begun.  By the early 1800s, there were over 600 coffee plantations in Jamaica.

Jamaica High Mountain Supreme Baronhall Estate
There are two well defined coffee growing regions in Jamaica. The first one is the world famous Blue Mountain region, located on a mountain range on the eastern side of the island. The second coffee region where Jamaica High Mountain Supreme coffee is produced is located in aBaronhall Estate mountain range in the central western part of the island in the parish of St Ann.

Jamaica High Mountain Supreme coffee is produced using the same seedlings as Jamaica Blue Mountain®, that is, Arabica typical. However, this coffee type is grown in a different mountain range with its own particular weather and soil conditions that produce a coffee with a distinctively smooth full-bodied flavour, light acidity, clean taste and pleasant aroma.
Jamaica Blue Mountain Area
With 300 acres, Baronhall is the single largest coffee farm in Jamaica. Baronhall Estate is owned by Jamaica Standard Products, which was incorporated in 1942. It is the only coffee manufacturing company on the island with a quality system registered to the ISO 9002 standard. Baronhall Estate is a fully integrated company that controls every aspect of farming and processing.

It has always been family owned and operated since the company was founded by Leslie Minott, a self made entrepreneur who ran it up to his death in 1972 when Jackie Minott took over as Managing Director.  Jackie's son, John, joined him in 1991 as General Manager.

Here are some of the characteristics of Baronhall Estate:

Single Estate Name:
Total Rain per Year:
Shade Trees:
Processing Method:
Mucilage Removal:
Drying Method:
Flowering Period:
Harvesting Period:
Other interesting information:
Baronhall Estate
Leslie Minott, 1942
St. Ann Parish
Cave Valley, Clarendon
800-1000 metres above sea level
2000 mm
Arabica Typica
Inga Vera trees
Fully Washed with natural spring water
Combination of sun-drying and mechanical rotary-drying.

Baronhall Estate was chosen by two doctoral candidates from Temple University for their 3-year project on migratory patterns of birds who come to that part of Jamaica in the winter months.
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