Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is regarded to be one of the worlds finest and most sought after coffees.
Giving a bittersweet tone that lingers exceptionally with orange peel and floral aromas and a pungent buttery note Sea Island’s Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee offers a luxurious coffee that deserves to be savoured.
Grown on the exceptional Clifton Estate in the heart of the Jamaican Blue Mountains the bean develops its complexity from the rugged terrain and cool climate. The Jamaican Blue Mountains provide what is considered the perfect conditions for farming coffee. With fertile volcanic soil, misty rainfall and shade from the canopy of trees 3000 metres above sea level the Arabica Typica bean thrives and produces an exceptional character.
Sea Island’s Jamaican Blue Mountain beans are certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIB), the regulatory board established to protect the quality of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, a globally protected certification mark. Our Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee has met the rigorous standards in the regulating, monitoring and guiding in the development of the coffee industry in Jamaica.
Our coffee cherries are handpicked only when perfectly ripe and sorted by hand by artisanal and labour intensive methods to develop a coffee with exceptional sweetness and aroma, rich flavour, and full body with mild acidity.
Sea Island’s Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is suitable for cafetiere, filter, whole bean, Turkish/stove top and espresso.
This impressive coffee is truly something special and deemed by the coffee experts of the world to possess all the characteristics to create the perfect balance for the perfect cup.