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    As seen in…


    'Fancy a cup of something a little different? Food writer and baking blogger, Clare Zerny, samples the world’s premium pick-me-ups.' read more...

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    Interview with a Coffee Buyer


    How would you sum up your role within the coffee industry? In short, we are a coffee importer and distributor. Our role is to finance, import and warehouse the coffee crop from origin and then market and distribute the coffee across Europe on a Just In Time basis. We specialize in rare and exotic coffees, particularly Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. We will often buy coffee in advance and store it in various warehouses across Europe to supply…

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    Bizarre Coffee Facts


    Halloween is almost upon us and in honor of the holiday that celebrates the odd and bizarre we decided to give you some of our own haunting peculiar facts all about coffee! Enjoy and share these spooky facts... 1). According to legend, it only took one sip of coffee to convince a pope that the drink was most definitely not the devil's work. 2). The upcoming holiday season is full of tempting treats so you will be…

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    Single origin coffee, what do you mean?


    At Sea Island coffee we are proud to state that all our coffees have always been single origin coffees, with the exception of our signature espresso blend. The concept of ‘Single Origin’ has become increasingly popular, but what do we mean when we speak of single origin coffee?

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    International Coffee Day


    The 1st of October is international coffee day this means 24 wonderful hours to celebrate the dark stuff that we drink every day, that gets us up in the morning and that we share with our friends. The exact origin of the marvelous event is unknown, however here at Sea Island Coffee we need no excuse to enjoy a good cup of coffee, so the fact we have a worldwide day to celebrate coffee is just a bonus!

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