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    Single origin coffee, what do you mean?


    At Sea Island coffee we are proud to state that all our coffees have always been single origin coffees, with the exception of our signature espresso blend. The concept of ‘Single Origin’ has become increasingly popular, but what do we mean when we speak of single origin coffee?

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    International Coffee Day


    The 1st of October is international coffee day this means 24 wonderful hours to celebrate the dark stuff that we drink every day, that gets us up in the morning and that we share with our friends. The exact origin of the marvelous event is unknown, however here at Sea Island Coffee we need no excuse to enjoy a good cup of coffee, so the fact we have a worldwide day to celebrate coffee is just a bonus!

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    Why buy coffee from its birthplace, Ethiopia?


    The history of coffee is somewhat debated, however legend says the most consumed drink of all time was discovered by a young goat herder ‘Kaldi’. One day he noticed the goats that were grazing on the cherries in the surrounding area, had become full energy and began skipping around vigorously. Intrigued by the effects of the cherries, Kaldi picked some and brought them back to the local monks. The Monks were unsure about the strange cherries and seeing the effect it has on the goats declared them as the ‘devils work’ and cast them into the fire. Out of the fire an irresistible aroma was created from the burning cherries.

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    Coffee Morning at Sea Island Coffee


    Coffee morning has always been a great event to raise money for the Macmillian cancer support, and today we have had fun sharing our delicious rare coffee and homemade cakes with everyone! The simple yet effective idea of coffee morning has expanded through the nation and been raising millions for this remarkable charity for 25 years. The charity is so often overlooked, founded in 1911; Macmillian is a dedicated charity providing specialist health care, support and advice…

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    Geisha Coffee review by Home Brew Coffee Blog


    We sent Hank from Home Brew coffee blog two of our Geisha Coffees to review. Here is what he had to say: I was astonished when I opened the box from Sea Island because I wasn't expecting one geisha, let alone two! I have never had more than one geisha in my house at a time, so I was very excited to be able to compare these back to back and see how they faired. It was…

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