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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Bag

    From The Blue Mountains to Your Coffee Cup: Sourcing Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


    The life of a coffee buyer can often evoke the sense of adventure in most modern people. Travelling all over the world, in search of the perfect coffee bean, exploring remote islands, and trekking through dense jungle on your journey to bring home luxurious coffee, is all part of the job description. [caption id="attachment_4437" align="aligncenter"…

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  • Untitled

    Dubai Coffee Museum: The History of Coffee in the Middle East


    In the midst of reconstructed traditional Emirati houses, in the Dubai Heritage district, you will find the Dubai coffee museum. The Museum hasn’t officially opened yet, but the owner Khalid Al Mulla decided to do a soft opening as there was so much interest from people passing by whilst visiting the “old city” of Dubai. The museum is dedicated to the origin and history of coffee, showcasing different coffee equipment old and new, from near and far.…

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  • 10838029_10152645887668990_5091669632038997756_o

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: A Short Documentary


    Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee was James Bond's coffee of choice in Ian Flemming's novel Casino Royale, and is often described as the best coffee in the world. But what exactly makes Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee so special? A couple of years ago, on a visit to Jamaica, we filmed a short documentary on Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. We are back again in Jamaica this week, and it seems like a perfect time to post our Jamaica Blue…

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  • Coffee Beans Arabica

    The Coffee Bean: Arabica vs Robusta


    To understand coffee, is to understand the bean. There are actually only two coffee species cultivated today, namely Coffea arabica known as Arabica and Coffea canephora or Robusta. Arabica is the preferred bean of the two, being richer and less bitter than Robusta with half the caffeine content. Three-quarters of the world’s beans are Arabica and there are several dozen varieties grown in very different environments. Robusta is a harsher bean with an earthy flavour that produces…

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  • Coffee Processing

    Understanding the Processing and Roasting Methods of Coffee


    While conditions are vitally important to growth, other factors such as cherry picking, processing methods and roasting contribute to taste and quality. Typically, with the very best coffees, the coffee cherries are only picked when they are ripe and red. It is done by hand and is very labour intensive. In Jamaica – which sets the standard for quality coffee production - the red cherries are hand-picked and then pulped using a wet processing method. (The method…

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