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    World of Coffee Gothenburg 2015


    Every year, the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) hosts a trade exhibition for the speciality coffee sector of Europe in a different European city. This allows the coffee community to all gather in the same place for a few days and find out about new and exciting coffee and equipment being launched and also meet new and old customers that are spread out over our lovely continent.

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  • Step 2

    The Clever Dripper Coffee Brewer


    Sea Island Coffee are excited to introduce the Clever Dripper to our range of coffee equipment. The Clever Dripper offers the best of Drip and French Press brewing, without the drawbacks of either. We’re a fan and think it is set to be a fixture in every coffee lovers kitchen.  Here’s why. How it works? Like many brilliant things, the Clever Dripper is a marvel in its simplicity.  Sat on a flat surface the cone is a closed…

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  • Iced coffee

    How to make iced coffee: Clara’s way


    The first step when making ice coffee is to brew a regular pot of coffee. Use your standard brewing method, I love a filter/cafetiere brew. You usually get the real taste of coffee when it cools down – I like Geisha Costa Rica coffee and Peru Unicafe coffee..

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  • London_Coffee_Festival_2015

    The London Coffee Festival 2015


    The London Coffee Festival is 5 years old this weekend, but the festival already feels well and truly established. Located in The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, the London Coffee Festival is a key event in the coffee caledar, and a must visit for any coffee lover. The event is open to the coffee trade from April 30th, although it will also open to the public this weekend of May 2nd to the 3rd.

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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Bag

    From The Blue Mountains to Your Coffee Cup: Sourcing Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


    The life of a coffee buyer can often evoke the sense of adventure in most modern people. Travelling all over the world, in search of the perfect coffee bean, exploring remote islands, and trekking through dense jungle on your journey to bring home luxurious coffee, is all part of the job description.

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