Wild Bat Coffee, Costa Rica
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Wild Bat Coffee, Costa Rica Wild Bat Coffee, Costa Rica Wild Bat Coffee, Costa Rica Wild Bat Coffee, Costa Rica

Wild Bat Coffee, Costa Rica

Wild Bat Coffee has a remarkably fruity and floral taste with a very delicate acidity. The Wild Artibeus Jamaicensis bat species emerge from the forests surrounding the Coffea Diversa Garden, using their acute sense of smell to identify the ripest cherries from amongst the incredible cornucopia of coffee on offer. We would highly recommend brewing this coffee through a V60 Decanter to appreciate its fruity appeal.
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Climate / Geography

The inspirational Coffea Diversa Garden Estate is home to over 200 botanical coffee varieties & cultivars the largest anywhere in the world. The varietals are prized and preserved for their rich and distinctive flavour, in complete contrast to the drivers that see most commercial coffee plants chosen for their yield and resistance to disease. This is the first time that Bat Coffee has been offered anywhere in the world and we are the UKs exclusive importer. The price of wild Bat Coffee reflects the labour intensive and skilled nature of the hand picking involved. To capture Bat Coffee at its finest pickers must pass the plants with incredible frequency.

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Puntarenas Province

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The bats feed on the coffee cherries, breaking the skin of the ripe cherry with their teeth, feeding on the cherry pulp and licking the sugar-rich mucilage. The remains of the cherry are left turned almost inside out and the bats natural digestive acid combined with the sun begin a metamorphosis in the beans structure, whilst it is still on the plant. Harvested by hand the sun drying process is then carefully completed.

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