Wild Foraged Kopi Luwak Coffee, Northern Sumatra

One of the world’s true gastronomic wonders, Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee, has an extraordinary flavour. Exclusive to Sea Island Coffee, this elegant coffee is a masterpiece, produced by the interaction of wild animal, ecosystem and a centuries old practice of foraging. This coffee was foraged on the UTZ Certified Farms of the Koptan Gayo Megah Berseri in the Gayo Highlands of northern Sumatra. The farms have been visited and the process inspected by animal welfare experts World Animal Protection. They believe that this is a model for how Kopi Luwak should be collected: ‘Humans and animal need never come in to contact whilst the incentive to promote a habitat attractive to wild Luwaks has positive benefits for people and planet, promoting the use shade trees and a diverse farming landscape.’ UTZ Certified is the first certification standard who’s new Code of Conduct requirements take on the issue of using caged animals for the production of agricultural products. The price of authentic wild collected Kopi Luwak Coffee, like other foraged delights such as truffles, reflects the labour intensive and skilled nature of collection and processing and the small quantities that are available. We believe that brewing Kopi Luwak through a cafetiere is the best way to enjoy this coffee, as the process allows for longer contact between the coffee and water, and brings out Kopi Luwak's extraordinary flavour.
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There are 131 registered collectors who provide this coffee each of whom forages on their own UTZ Certified farm, brings their coffee to a central facility in the village of Berewang Dewal, where it is checked against a quality standard by the Head of Collection. It is then washed and dried ready for direct shipping to our European Warehouse. Variation in how much Luwak Coffee is foraged on different days and through the year indicates clearly that the Luwaks eat the most coffee cherries when they are cold. The highest quantities of wild kopi foraging always occur on the days when the previous nights have been cold and rainy. The area around Berewang Dewal has a wet climate with cold nights and misty mornings, through much of the year, which is good news for the Gayo Megah Berseri farmers who forage coffee there.

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The magic of Kopi Luwak occurs in two parts. First, the Wild Luwak, using its acute sense of smell, selects the ripest coffee cherries. Even the most experienced knowledgeable picker cannot match the Luwaks ability to differentiate and select with such a discriminating precision. Then as it passes through the Luwak the digestive acids create a molecular change in the coffee bean, leaving it discernibly more brittle once collected and dried, enhancing the beans natural qualities. Located around an hour and a half’s drive from the city of Takengon and Lake Lut Tawar, the village of Berewang Dewal peaceful and isolated and the agriculture methods and processing practises for all the coffee, (not just the Kopi Luwak), the village produces are diligent, methodical and very particular.

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