Gift Box-Bag-250

Gift Box-Bag-250

Gift Box-Bag-250

An exquisite balance of aroma, body and acidity are the elements that makes Blue Mountain Coffee very special. This coffee comes in the iconic barrels, the ultimate coffee storage containers for the coffee connoisseur. Hand-finished the miniature barrels are made from Japanese cedar and make the perfect coffee gift. Height : 140mm Diameter : 120mm
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Climate / Geography

Arabica coffee loves the nitrogen and phosphorus-rich soil of Jamaica and nowhere else better than the steep elevations of the Blue Mountains. Located north of Kingston on the eastern side of the island, the Blue Mountains rise to elevations of 2,350 metres. The bean cultivated is mostly Arabica Typica; it thrives in the fertile, volcanic soil, regular rainfall and, most importantly, under the islands misty cloud cover, to shade it from the burning sun. All these factors combine to develop a coffee with exceptional sweetness and aroma, rich flavour, and full body with mild acidity. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is legally defined under Jamaican law as consisting of certain geographically defined coffee estates above 3,000 feet.

Technical Information

Additional Info

At Sea Island Coffee, we source our Jamaican coffee beans from well-established producers, including individual estates like Clifton Mount Estate with its unique Rainforest-certification and processors like Wallenford to ensure that every cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee offers a consistently sublime experience. We have long-standing relationships with our producers in Jamaica, for whom we have acted as European importers/distributors for over 18 years in some cases, ensuring us a stable supply of the very finest high-grown, Grade-1, washed Arabicas for our customers.

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