Mavis Bank, JBM

Mavis Bank, JBM

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This venerable Jamaican producer, with its own farms as well as a community of loyal independent farmers, represents all that is finest in the demanding world of the Blue Mountains with its exacting quality standards. The pulpery and finishing plant are managed to the highest environmental (HACCP) standards in the only major processing works located in the heart of the Blue Mountains near to the farms. The local community is proud to be associated with Mavis Bank which cares for its employees based on a long tradition in local relations. This legacy is reflected in the mellow cup with its nut-rich overtones.
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This coffee smells and tastes amazing - good roast, not too strong which is what I prefer, it's just delicious

First time trying the Mavis bank will defo purchase again

Bought as part of a birthday present; will hear in due course.

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Climate / Geography

Arabica coffee loves the nitrogen and phosphorus-rich soil of Jamaica and nowhere else better than the steep elevations of the Blue Mountains. Located north of Kingston on the eastern side of the island, the Blue Mountains rise to elevations of 2,350 metres. The bean cultivated is mostly Arabica Typica; it thrives in the fertile, volcanic soil, regular rainfall and, most importantly, under the islands misty cloud cover, to shade it from the burning sun. All these factors combine to develop a coffee with exceptional sweetness and aroma, rich flavour, and full body with mild acidity. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is legally defined under Jamaican law as consisting of certain geographically defined coffee estates above 3,000 feet.

Technical Information

North America

Additional Info

Deep in the Blue Mountains lies the Mavis Bank Central Processing Unit. Coffee was first cultivated here by Augustus Munn, and with the help of his son, Victor Munn, the estate grew to become the Mavis Bank Central Factory. Mavis Bank estate has been family run ever since, producing Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to its high standards for almost a century. Under the leadership of Victor Munn’s nephew, Keble Munn, Mavis Bank grew to handle 40% of the island’s Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee production. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a legally protected name, ensuring that only coffee that meets the quality standards of Jamaica Blue Mountain, can legally carry the name Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

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    Saliva helps to liberate the volatile aromas in your mouth and a big breathe of oxygen helps to carry those aromas up through the mouth and into the nose for retronasal smelling to take effect.  Our Head Taster, Guy Wilmot is obsessive about hydration as being one of the secrets to his success in the cupping room.

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