Sea Island Coffee Journal

  • Sea Island Coffee is turning 10!


    Sea Island Coffee was founded in 2007 when Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Ltd. decided to put its extensive experience in the speciality coffee sector into bringing some of the most rare and exclusive coffees to European market and making them available to the end consumer. [caption id="attachment_4812" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Our exotic coffee shop opened in 2016[/caption]…

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  • Discovering Yemeni Coffee


    Sea Island has carefully sourced the very best Yemeni coffees produced under the famous White Camel brand by Ahmed Alhamdani. Grown high on the narrow terraces of the rugged Yemini mountains the four White Camel varietals Sanani, Mattari, Hirazi and Ismaili, join Sea Island Coffee’s staple Yemeni coffee, the Haraz Mountain Mocha. Yemen is the first country in the world to cultivate coffee commercially. Formal cultivation of coffee in terraced fields started in Yemen in the 1300's. Yemeni coffee is cultivated and processed today in the…

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  • Jamaica, Origin Trip — October 2016


    In October we headed off on an origin trip to Jamaica to visit the Blue Mountains and our suppliers. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is the main reason why we founded Sea Island Coffee. It is an origin that the founders of this company have worked with for almost 20 years.     On our first day in a hot and rainy Jamaica we drove far up the Blue Mountains and visited the beautiful and breath taking Clifton…

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  • Sea Island Coffee Cocktail Recipes


    Summer is fast approaching and with all the festive parties well underway it’s hard to stand out. Sea Island Coffee has the perfect solution with our collection of coffee based cocktail recipes; impress your guests everyone with your mixology skills and treat yourself to one of these seasonal drinks.

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  • Coffee and you, separating the myths from the facts


    We see coffee and health linked in the news constantly, coffee is consumed by millions everyday worldwide and there are lot of people with a lot of opinions about the consumption of our worlds favourite drink.

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