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  • Espresso Martini

    Sea Island Coffee Cocktail Recipes


    Summer is fast approaching and with all the festive parties well underway it’s hard to stand out. Sea Island Coffee has the perfect solution with our collection of coffee based cocktail recipes; impress your guests everyone with your mixology skills and treat yourself to one of these seasonal drinks.

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  • Digital tablet with stethoscope and paperwork

    Coffee and you, separating the myths from the facts


    We see coffee and health linked in the news constantly, coffee is consumed by millions everyday worldwide and there are lot of people with a lot of opinions about the consumption of our worlds favourite drink.

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  • cafenoel

    Sea Island Coffee Christmas Gift Guide


    It’s always a struggle to buy gifts that please at Christmas, and with so many people with different tastes it can be overwhelming! We have decided to help you out with our Christmas 2015 gift guide, so you can pick the present that suits the person best.

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  • Inviting "Aloha" written in soft beach sand with surf approaching.

    Why is Hawaii Kona Coffee so special?


    Kona Coffee has been praised by no other than the Mark Twain; in 1866 he stated that ‘Kona Coffee has a richer flavour than any other, be it grown where it may and call it by what name you please.’
    Due to the high elevation and rich volcanic soil combines with cloud coverage and perfect temperatures Kona is the ideal place to grow coffee that is as flawless as coffee can come.

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  • The-Telegraph

    As seen in…


    'Fancy a cup of something a little different? Food writer and baking blogger, Clare Zerny, samples the world’s premium pick-me-ups.' read more...

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