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  • The Clever Dripper Coffee Brewer


    Sea Island Coffee are excited to introduce the Clever Dripper to our range of coffee equipment. The Clever Dripper offers the best of Drip and French Press brewing, without the drawbacks of either. We’re a fan and think it is set to be a fixture in every coffee lovers kitchen.  Here’s why. How it works? Like many brilliant things, the Clever Dripper is a marvel in its simplicity.  Sat on a flat surface the cone is a closed…

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  • How to make iced coffee: Clara’s way


    The first step when making ice coffee is to brew a regular pot of coffee. Use your standard brewing method, I love a filter/cafetiere brew. You usually get the real taste of coffee when it cools down – I like Geisha Costa Rica coffee and Peru Unicafe coffee..

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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Bag

    From The Blue Mountains to Your Coffee Cup: Sourcing Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


    The life of a coffee buyer can often evoke the sense of adventure in most modern people. Travelling all over the world, in search of the perfect coffee bean, exploring remote islands, and trekking through dense jungle on your journey to bring home luxurious coffee, is all part of the job description.

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  • New In Store: Decaf Coffees from Decadent Decaf Coffee Co.


    Sea Island Coffee is delighted to launch single origin decaffeinated coffees from the Decadent Decaf Coffee Co., which was founded to spread the word of great tasting decaf coffee. Alas, decaffeinated coffee has long been the ugly sister of the coffee world – uncared for and neglected.  Most roasters are not passionate about decaf coffee; perhaps, because they have not encountered good quality decaf green beans. This might stem from the fact that decaf coffee was traditionally produced…

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  • New in store…Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mills


    Time flies by and Sea Island Coffee has been meaning to list the Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mill - an elegant, lightweight piece of kit designed in Japan for optimum coffee grinding. This is all part of our expansion of coffee accessories (all tested by us, so you know it's good quality) as we know that our customer want not only great coffee, but great coffee kit. Please feel free to get in touch with any cool accessories…

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