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  • Jamaica, Origin Trip — October 2016


    In October we headed off on an origin trip to Jamaica to visit the Blue Mountains and our suppliers. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is the main reason why we founded Sea Island Coffee. It is an origin that the founders of this company have worked with for almost 20 years.     On our first day in a hot and rainy Jamaica we drove far up the Blue Mountains and visited the beautiful and breath taking Clifton…

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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Bag

    From The Blue Mountains to Your Coffee Cup: Sourcing Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee


    The life of a coffee buyer can often evoke the sense of adventure in most modern people. Travelling all over the world, in search of the perfect coffee bean, exploring remote islands, and trekking through dense jungle on your journey to bring home luxurious coffee, is all part of the job description.

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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: A Short Documentary


    Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee was James Bond's coffee of choice in Ian Flemming's novel Casino Royale, and is often described as the best coffee in the world. But what exactly makes Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee so special? A couple of years ago, on a visit to Jamaica, we filmed a short documentary on Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. We are back again in Jamaica this week, and it seems like a perfect time to post our Jamaica Blue…

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  • Sea Island Coffee supports Jamaica Stand at the 2013 Commonwealth Fair


    As with previous years, Sea Island Coffee supported the Jamaica High Commission representing Jamaica at the Commonwealth Countries League Annual Fair fundraising activity organised annually with the help of Commonwealth High Commissioners and spouses together with local residents here in the UK. Held on 9 November at Kensington Town Hall, it is always a spectacular occasion showcasing the unique crafts, cultures and culinary diversity of the Commonwealth. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee was part of the Jamaica Showcase both by…

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  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Review from Corpulent Capers Blog


    From the Corpulent Capers Blog: So we’ve all heard of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, haven’t we? Traditionally grown at elevations between 900 and 1700m in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica (obviously) it has gained a reputation for being one of the most expensive and sort after coffees in the world. So what’s this RSW Estate Peaberry stuff then? Okay so let’s do the Peaberry bit first. Nearly all coffee beans split into two halves as they mature. This pair…

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