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Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers


Christmas is fast approaching, and it is time to seriously start considering the perfect gift to get your friends and loved ones. Around this time of year, we are often asked to suggest the ideal gift to buy for a coffee lover.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to coffee, and it is key you know what you are looking for when shopping. And so to help on your quest for the perfect gift this Christmas we have set out a quick guide.

Christmas Coffe Gifts


Strong Coffee

If all you know about your friends is that they like their coffee “strong”, but have no idea what that means do not worry, we’ll explain it to you now.

“Strong coffee” can be interpreted in two ways; a coffee that is brewed strong, where there is an excess of coffee to water, or a coffee bean with some strength, so that there is some bite in the flavour.

In the case of the latter, you should consider looking at buying a Hawaii Kona coffee, which would be a perfect bold coffee to go for.

Mild Coffee

On the other hand, if your friends are against strong coffees, and they complain that some coffees are far too bitter for their tastes, then you should be looking for buying a mild coffee. All of our Sea Island Coffees are medium roasted for a milder taste.

Our medium roasted coffees do not have the bitter characteristic that you can often find in mass-market coffees. For anyone looking for a mild coffee, we would suggest considering the Jamaica Blue Mountain or Costa Rica Geisha coffees. These coffees have an almost tea-like quality to their taste, and are the ideal alternative gift to a strong coffee.

Coffee GrindHow to select your coffee grind

So you have an idea of how your loved ones like their coffee, here comes another dilemma, how do they brew their coffee? Knowing your recipient’s brewing method, ensures that you purchase the correct grind for their gift.

For anyone with a grinder at home, the best choice would be to go with whole bean coffee. Whole bean coffee ensures that the coffee stays fresher for longer, and also allows the individual to grind the coffee to their liking.

Most coffee lovers will have a grinder at home and would prefer whole bean over ground coffee. However, most people will not have a grinder at home, so you need to snoop around a bit and find out how they prefer their coffee; whether espresso, stove pot, cafetiere or filter. Once you know, tell us what they use and we will grind the coffee to the correct style.

Gift Packaging

If all of this is too much for you then you can leave it up to us, we offer a range of luxury gift sets that are perfect for anyone with a passion for coffee. If you are unsure whether you loved one likes their coffee strong or mild, a great gift would be our Jamaica Blue Mountain, Wild Kopi Luwak and Hawaii Kona coffee gift set – garaunteed to satisfy any coffee drinker with the boldness of Hawaii Kona with the smoothness of Jamaica Blue Mountain.

We have also paired our coffees with brewing methods that we believe best suit the taste of the bean, whether it is the Thai Elephant Mountain with an aeropress or the Costa Rica Geisha with the V60 Decanter.

However, if you are looking to make an impression with your gift this year then consider setting your recipient up with their own mini coffee shop – an electric grinder, Hario decanter and three luxury coffees ensure that you will be left in the good books of any coffee lover.

Sea Island Coffee Luxury Gift Set

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