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The Clever Dripper Coffee Brewer


Sea Island Coffee are excited to introduce the Clever Dripper to our range of coffee equipment. The Clever Dripper offers the best of Drip and French Press brewing, without the drawbacks of either. We’re a fan and think it is set to be a fixture in every coffee lovers kitchen.  Here’s why.

How it works?

Like many brilliant things, the Clever Dripper is a marvel in its simplicity.  Sat on a flat surface the cone is a closed container, but once lifted onto the rim of a jug or decanter of the right size the Clever valve is activated and the coffee begins to flow through the filter and into the container.  Lift off to stop the flow.  Simple.

Clever Dripper Brew Guide - Step 1

Brew Guide – Step 1: Place your filter paper into the Clever Dripper and place onto the scales. You will need Number 4 size filter papers.

Step 2: Pour in 400ml of water in the Clever Dripper and allow to cool for around two minutes. The perfect temperature for most coffee brewing is 90-96C.

Look and feel

The cone is a familiar shape and the colour and material takes anyone old enough back-in-time to the early 80s kitchen.  It feels solidly built, with the lid and cone coming together snugly, and a coaster to rest the dripper on is a nice touch. The Clever Dripper itself doesn’t have the elegant curves of the Hario V60 decanter, but given that you can decant your coffee once brewed into the vessel of your choice, it isn’t the end of the world.  The dripper fits on top of anything with a mouth that is smaller than its own base.

However, given the small tweaks to the Clever Dripper since first versions hit the market, expect our friends in Taiwan to be marketing an elegant jug and a snugger coaster in the near future.

Step 4

Step 3: Weigh out 22g of coffee. This should be enough for two cups of coffee.

Step 4a

Step 4: If your coffee isn’t already ground, grind your coffee to a medium-coarse grind.

Brewing results

Leaving kitchen related vanity aside, the brew results, and in particular the ability to control the steeping time without losing the clean cup, has impressed us.

Across our range of coffee we’ve found that steeping coffee in the Clever Dripper, between two and a half and three minutes, has seen enhanced body BUT without all of the oils in the cup you would associate with French Press brewing.

Step 5

Step 5: Place your ground coffee into the water. Agitate the coffee immediately to make sure all of the grounds are covered, then place the lid on the dripper and wait 3 minutes.

Coupled with our much-loved Hario brewing scales the methodology is given to consistent brewing even when ringing phones and jacket pulling children are attempting to distract our attention.  Perhaps the highest compliment of all is that along with superb coffee quality it requires a teapot like simplicity.

With a short brew time we’ve found the plastic and lid have provided good insulation for our coffee to be at a great temperature, but do bear in mind we always take our coffee straight up here at Sea Island Coffee.  Milk lovers may not find this temperature quite right for them.

Step 7

Step 6: After 3 minutes of brewing, lift the Clever Dripper onto your decanter and allow the coffee to pass through the filter.


A teapot for the refined coffee drinker.  The Clever Dripper is here to stay.

Step 8

Step 8: Swirl in the decanter to ensure that all the layers are truly mixed and then serve in a cognac glass. Enjoy.