Maui Mokka Hawaii Coffee Dark (Espresso) Roast

Maui Mokka Hawaii Coffee Dark (Espresso) Roast

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DARK (ESPRESSO) ROAST. Kaanapali Estate is located in the western side of the Island of Maui, often said to be the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands. The farm is originally a part of the Pioneer Mill sugar plantation and is the only coffee farm on the Island of Maui. Also, the only farm in the world growing the Mokka coffee variety commercially. The Mokka coffee is characterized by its very small and almost perfectly round-shaped coffee beans. Maui Mokka is an intensely sweet coffee, with citrus acidity and a floral aroma.
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Nice flavour and would recommend for expresso lovers

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Climate / Geography

The entire estate is planted in a hedgerow style with the tree spacing 0.9 m apart in the rows and 3.7 m separating the rows. Rainfall is very scarce, just 800 mm/year, so the entire farm is drip irrigated, with the water coming from the West Maui Mountain streams feeding the 100-year-old ditch system formerly used by the sugar plantation. This system allows for easy infield maintenance and efficient application of fertilizers through the drip system directly to the root zone. Harvest is normally in the fall months extending into January.

Technical Information

  • Country: Hawaii Maui
  • Altitude: 30
  • Method: Fully Washed

Additional Info

Mokka coffee makes a case against the belief that larger beans mean a better cup of coffee. In the case of Mokka, it is hard to find a bean larger than a screen 14. The bean is round and is often mistaken for a peaberry. Upon closer examination one can notice the classic dicotyledonous flat side signifying two whole beans per cherry.

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