Guy Wilmot

Coffee Buying Director

A (slightly) younger Guy won second place in the UK coffee tasting championships. Since then his career sourcing the very best specialty gourmet coffees has seen him travel to almost every corner of the globe.

Guy has proven that no mountain is too high, farm too remote, or no place rated as too inadvisable to travel to by the foreign office, if he thinks there is something amazing to savor when he gets there.

Several years ago, Guy took a ship for 5 days to one of the world’s remotest places, the island of St. Helena. Chasing a dream to bring back St. Helena coffee, the trip to the remote island helped Guy in choosing to invest in the island’s industry and help bring back St. Helena coffee to its full potential. “The soil, plants, climate and most of all the incredible people I met made a huge impression on me. We decided to go for it. Now every cup of St Helena coffee reminds me of the successful journey we have all gone on together since that visit.”

“Favourite coffee? It’s like choosing between your children, everything we source is rare and extraordinary or an exceptional example of a classic.”